What If God Chooses You to Do Something Great?

By Charles R. Swindoll


Exodus 3:1–8, 10–11, 13–15; 4:1–4, 10–11, 13, 29–31

Do you feel too ordinary, too broken, or too scared to do something great for God? Well, prepare yourself, because God's plans for us often exceed even our wildest imaginations . . . and our response is often reluctance. Yet God continues to stretch us beyond what we consider our limits.

In What If God Chooses You to Do Something Great? you'll meet a man who felt that way—an obscure, 80-year-old shepherd whose failure broke his spirit and left him feeling “over the hill” and washed up. Little did he know he was on the verge of something great.

Are you unwilling to leave the shallow waters of the familiar to dive into the depths of God's audacious plan? You never know what God has planned. It's time to get ready for something great!

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