Help Me Understand: How the Bible Speaks to My Pain

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Pain is part of life. Whether it's emotional or physical, we all experience suffering.

In our quest to find answers, we often turn to the Internet and other sources, and we neglect the most helpful and relevant resource of all—the Bible.

Help Me Understand offers insight into how God's Word speaks to our experiences with anger, anxiety, conflict, depression, forgiveness, grief, guilt, loneliness, self-esteem, and suffering.

God isn't distant, watching us suffer from afar. Our Creator is intimately acquainted with all of our emotions and weaknesses. His Word is a loving gift that helps us better understand how to deal with our pain.

This practical resource will

  • Help you see God's wisdom for how to deal with ten issues we all face, such as anger, anxiety, and more
  • Deepen your understanding of how the Bible is relevant to your struggle with pain
  • Serve as an excellent resource for helping others who are experiencing pain

66-page softcover book

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