Finding GOD when the World’s on FIRE

Charles R. Swindoll


Our world is on fire! Reports of radical Islamic terrorism, horrifying religious persecution, and unimaginable natural disasters flood the airwaves on a daily basis. Our immediate response is fear and anxiety. But is that how Christians should respond?

In his must-read book, Finding GOD when the World’s on FIRE, Chuck Swindoll urges readers to:

  • Replace their fear with an unwavering faith
  • Identify the real enemy—the Devil—and stand against him with truth
  • Rest in God's sovereignty over all things—good and evil

Through exacting and relevant expositions of Psalms 11 and 46, Chuck reminds believers that fear is not an appropriate response to a world on fire. Rather, we are called to maintain a resilient faith in the unchanging promises of the Word of God. In times that promote fear and anxiety, Chuck delivers the principles we need to face life's uncertainty with courage and hope.

128-page hardcover book

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