Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives: Rediscovering Some Old Testament Characters

Charles R. Swindoll

Do you want to be famous?

Many people would answer that question without hesitation—yes! But God, more often than not, does some of His most significant work through His forgotten few, as Chuck Swindoll reminds us in this Old Testament study.

CD or MP3 Series of 14 messages with 224-page Bible Companion

Messages in this series:

  1. Often-Overlooked Lives of Significance
  2. Cain: The Farmer Who Murdered His Brother
  3. Abraham: The Father Who Released His Son
  4. Esau: The Son Who Couldn’t Win
  5. Achan: The Man Whose Sin Brought Calamity
  6. Samuel: The Boy Who Heard God’s Voice
  7. Saul: The King Who Refused to Bow
  8. Abigail: The Woman Who Saved Her Husband’s Neck
  9. Absalom: The Rebel Prince Charming
  10. Rehoboam: The Reckless Phony
  11. Jabez: The Unknown Who Became Well Known
  12. Naaman: The Officer Whose Leprosy Was Cleansed
  13. Gehazi: The Servant Who Got Greedy
  14. Uzziah: The Leader Who Became a Loser

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Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives: Rediscovering Some Old Testame