Revelation/Antichrist: The Beast Out of the Sea - CD

Antichrist: The Beast Out of the Sea - CD

Revelation 13:1–10

Since our earliest years, we have been told of a coming evil dictator who will have enormous influence over the entire world. He will derive his power from none other than Satan himself. He is revealed in the Scriptures by various names, the most familiar title being Antichrist. The Bible’s clearest and most definitive description of this future world ruler is found in the first ten verses of Revelation 13. This incredibly powerful person, who emerges in the Scriptures as “a beast coming up out of the sea” (13:1), will be the most persuasive and dynamic political leader ever to come on this earth’s scene. In these verses we’ll get a glimpse of Antichrist; later we will meet the false prophet. These two, along with Satan, their source of power behind the scene, form what has commonly been called “the unholy trinity.”

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