Daniel, Volume 2: God's Plan for the Future - CDSeries

Charles R. Swindoll

Daniel 7 – 12

The book of Daniel tells us God’s plan for the future.

Daniel’s mystifying visions of beasts, angelic warfare, and mysterious prophecies find both their explanation and application in Chuck Swindoll’s series.

Prophecy doesn’t have to be a mystery. Once understood, it can change your life.

CD Series of 9 messages

Messages in this series:

  1. A Prophetic Collage
  2. The Final World Dictator
  3. The Living End
  4. True Confessions
  5. The Backbone of Biblical Prophecy
  6. Supernatural Phenomena between Heaven and Earth
  7. Wars and Rumors of War
  8. A Prophetic Quartet
  9. The End of the Age

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Daniel, Volume 2: God's Plan for the Future