Pornography/Portrait of a Struggling Christian - CD

Portrait of a Struggling Christian - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

Romans 7

Let’s face it: every one of us who knows Christ as Savior has been torn within while fighting battles of the flesh. We feel frustrated and are occasionally defeated in that struggle. We realize we have God’s power within us, and we know that His Spirit is at work, prompting us to do what is right—but we still do wrong. Knowing we should obey, we disobey. Wanting to think, say, and do what is best, we covertly rebel. We’re not short on desire to do what is best, but when it comes to pulling it off, we blow it! Paul, speaking for all of us, brought this truth out of the closet and exposed it for what it is: SIN. In this message, we’ll face that monster head-on.

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Portrait of a Struggling Christian