A Compelling Commitment - CD

Romans 12:1–2

We scaled the theological heights as we worked our way up the slopes of the first eleven chapters of Romans. During our climb, we explored the doctrines that form the foundation of our faith. All the while, we kept looking up toward the peaks of so many of the great truths that shape our beliefs. Having discovered the fundamental truths of the gospel (sin, salvation, justification, imputation, sanctification, and sovereignty) in our climb with Paul, we now turn our attention to service—the outworking of our faith. In other words, we shift our thinking from a vertical perspective to a horizontal one. This is no insignificant change. It requires incredibly deep soul-searching. It demands an honest investigation of our personal level of commitment. Whatever we do, we dare not miss the compelling urgency that is contained in these opening two verses of Romans 12.

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A Compelling Commitment