Old Testament Survey/Insight's Bible Reading Guide: Old Testament

Insight's Bible Reading Guide: Old Testament

Insight for Living Ministries


When it comes to reading the Bible regularly—let's face it—it's easy to get discouraged.

With this year-long, five-day reading system and insightful weekly devotionals, you'll follow God's story for humanity—from the glorious beginning at creation to the tragic fall in Eden, from the ups and downs facing a chosen nation of flawed people to God's promise of an abiding hope for true salvation and a magnificent future.

Bible reading makes a difference in daily life because through it we learn life-changing truths about ourselves and about our God. With Insight's Bible Reading Guide: Old Testament, you'll discover real examples of faith and God's wisdom that you can lean on, even on your most difficult days.

130-page spiral-bound, softcover book

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