Love/Legal Tender and Loving Care - CD

Legal Tender and Loving Care - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

Romans 13:8–10

This grand letter to the Romans spans the extremes—from the theological heavens (Romans 1-11) to the earthly practicalities (Romans 12-16). In the last five chapters, we find some of the most helpful teaching in the Bible on how to model a way of life that is genuinely Christian. We are helped, for example, in knowing how to have a healthy, realistic view of ourselves (12:1-3), how best to serve others (12:4-8), how to exemplify Christlikeness (12:9-13), how to deal with our enemies (12:14-21), and how to be good citizens (13:1-7). We continue along these practical lines by learning how to handle debt (13:8) as well as how to truly love our neighbor (13:9-10).

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Legal Tender and Loving Care