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Ecclesiastes 9:1–10

Solomon pulled out all the stops in this section of his journal. With bold strokes of his pen, he declared some of the inevitable, inescapable realities in life. Solomon hammered away at man-made philosophies of life that had failed to provide meaning and fulfillment. Following such brash assertions, he turned to the reader and offered counsel on how to conduct his or her life. In chapter 9, Solomon argued that human beings must accept God’s sovereignty and find meaning in relationship with Him. And keeping in mind God’s sovereignty and the finite nature of our lives, we must live life to its fullest, making the best of every moment of every day. We may resist the writer’s go-for-broke attitude in verses 7–10, but we are hard pressed to offer a better plan, especially in light of the certainty of death and the evil so prevalent in our world. See if you don’t agree that this section, though direct and bold, is very much in tune with life today.

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Have a Blast While You Last!