Be Bullish! - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

Ecclesiastes 11:1–6

Interestingly, the older we get the more cautious we become. With deliberate and careful concern, we study before we step, we ponder before we leap, we hesitate before we move out into the open. If we’re not careful, we replace the risks of faith with a methodical, almost tedious lifestyle that borders on boredom. But is that what God wants of us? Must growing old be synonymous with an overly cautious mentality? Not if we take to heart these first six verses in Ecclesiastes 11! You may be surprised to discover that the God of Scripture condones what would be called today a “bullish” approach to living . . . a bold, aggressive investment of our lives that has eternal value. Perhaps the best way to paraphrase these verses would be the five-word command, “Stop existing, and start living!”

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Be Bullish!