Encouraging Words of Affirmation - CD

Romans 15:14–16

At the conclusion of Romans 15:13, Paul the apostle ended his major message to the believers in Rome and then began his epilogue in verse 14. Hoping to bring his thoughts to a close in a much more personal manner, he wrote the rest of his letter with candor and affection. From Romans 15:14 to the end of the letter, he employed an “I” / “you” directness in his style. He started by encouraging them with affirming words, and then he opened his heart and life to his readers, revealing the past, present, and future of his ministry. He then asked for their prayers of protection on his behalf. Before his final benediction, he sent his personal greetings, naming one individual after another, most of whom are mentioned nowhere else in all the New Testament.

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Encouraging Words of Affirmation