Grandparenting/What to Do When You’ve Blown It - CD

What to Do When You’ve Blown It - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

Isaiah 58:6–12; Joel 2:23–26

This series has been a journey of discovery for many. We've probed the Scriptures from start to finish to find out what God thinks and says about this all-important subject related to many of the vital relationships within the home and family. We've covered a broad spectrum—everything from the embryo in a mother's womb to parenting our grown kids. We have relied on God's Word to guide our thinking.

While we're grateful for biblical instruction, there are times when Scripture can be very disquieting. This occurs when we compare what God has written with how we have failed to do things His way. We often say to ourselves at such times, “If only I had known then what I know now.” This results in feelings of deep regret and anxiety, especially in the hearts of parents who “blew it.” Since there is no way to go back and relive our lives, we need to focus on the best way to respond to these painful memories. Otherwise, we will live under clouds of blame and shame, paralyzed by guilt.

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What to Do When You’ve Blown It