Fruit of the Spirit/Cultivating a Spirit-Controlled Life - CD

Cultivating a Spirit-Controlled Life - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

Romans 8:12–17

Difficult as it may be to admit, most of us have been “programmed” incorrectly. Instead of being taught and encouraged to claim God’s power within us—to live above the drag of our lower nature (“the flesh”)—we have merely been instructed how to conduct our lives after we have sinned. Our mind-set has been shaped by “corrective theology” instead of “preventative theology.” And so we begin each day expecting to fall short . . . To disobey . . . To resist . . . And that focus has resulted in our cultivating a flesh-controlled mentality. This misapplication of the truth has led most Christians to settle for a low-level focus on the constant confession of sin. We endure a negative lifestyle, instead of cultivating a Spirit-controlled mentality that leads to an abundant lifestyle. Hopefully, the six verses we examine in this message will awaken us to a whole new focus and perspective.

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Cultivating a Spirit-Controlled Life