Bible Characters: Old Testament/Abigail: The Woman Who Saved Her Husband’s Neck - CD

Abigail: The Woman Who Saved Her Husband’s Neck - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

1 Samuel 25

Tucked away in the pages of Scripture are numerous human-interest stories that are not known by most. Although unknown, they hold within them principles and insights that are timelessly significant. Even those stories whose origins are multiple centuries old sustain a relevance that is remarkably up to date. We have no difficulty stepping into the scene and identifying with the ones involved in the plot. Such is the case in the story recorded in 1 Samuel 25, where we find a series of events as modern as today’s news. As we shall see, it is the story of an unfair boss, a strained marriage, and a greathearted woman whose act of unselfish bravery saved her husband’s neck! Its fairy-tale ending makes the story one of the most memorable in all the Old Testament.

Individual message on CD or MP3 (52:20)

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Abigail: The Woman Who Saved Her Husband’s Neck