Anger/Doing Right When You’ve Been Done Wrong - CD

Doing Right When You’ve Been Done Wrong - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

Romans 12:14, 17–21

Paul unpacked the all-important virtue of love in the closing 13 verses of Romans 12. As he reached the end of this section, he addressed one of life’s most practical problems: how to respond correctly to wrongdoing. His pen strikes like a needle as we read his words that touch an extremely sensitive nerve and expose our conditioned reflex to hit back. Common sense whispers, You need to defend yourself. Public opinion goes even further, shouting, Don’t be a fool—get even! Like a rattlesnake, the flesh stays coiled within us, ready to strike. Even in our ranks as Christians, retaliation remains one of our favorite carnal sports. But, as we shall learn in this message, there’s a supernatural alternative to our natural reaction.

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Doing Right When You’ve Been Done Wrong