2 Timothy/Looking Back—No Regrets - CD

Looking Back—No Regrets - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

2 Timothy 4:6–8

We learned at the beginning of our study of 2 Timothy that we were examining Paul’s “swan song.” This letter comprises the last recorded words Paul wrote prior to his death. The fourth chapter reveals that this rugged missionary and remarkable apostle of grace knew he had come to the end of the trail. Paul was turning the final corner as he headed to his eternal home.

Most of us will come to our final hours of life without realizing it. As James wrote, “You do not know what your life will be like tomorrow” (James 4:14). For all we know, we may have another ten years to live; then again, we may not have ten days—or for that matter, ten hours!

Paul was different; he knew his days were few in number. That explains why he wrote what he did in the section of Scripture we’re considering today. Up until that point, he had written Timothy in hopes of preparing him for what he would surely face in the months and years ahead. But now he wrote about himself. Without a glimmer of fear and without a hint of regret, Paul wrote one of the finest epitaphs found in all of literature.

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Looking Back—No Regrets