2 Timothy/Christian Leadership 101 - CD

Christian Leadership 101 - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

2 Timothy 2:20–26

With such a dominant emphasis on public performance these days, not enough is said regarding the value of character among those who stand before the public. Whether a person is a leader in business or politics, medicine or law, technology or public service, industry or education, or promotion of sales, almost all the training received addresses personal skills, efficiency, and competence. Virtually nothing is said regarding the individual’s morality and integrity.

Our culture underscores the externals while Scripture constantly emphasizes the inner life. No matter what our occupations or roles in life may be, the Bible forever points to issues related to our hearts and souls—those things that have to do with character. This is especially true when it comes to the Christian leader, regardless of a person’s specific calling.

Paul addresses this issue of character in this second (and final) letter to Timothy. His deepest concern is that the young man be “a vessel for honor . . . useful to the Master” (2:21), not simply an efficient pastor or a strong preacher. What is written to Timothy certainly applies to each of us.

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Christian Leadership 101