Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I download my MP3s?

    Please log in to your account by going to the Account menu at the top of the store page and click on Login. Enter your username and password. Return to the Account menu and choose My Downloads from the dropdown menu. Find the message purchased in the Your Downloads list, click on Download and if asked, choose to save the file in your Downloads folder or another location. Once the file is saved to your computer, you can open it with your preferred media player.

    If the file plays in a browser plugin but you want to download and save your file, you can right-click the file's download button and then select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." to choose a location.

    Download multiple files as a single .zip file

    If you purchased a product that contains more than one file (of any type) you will have the option of downloading it as a single compressed .zip file. Usually the .zip file for the series will appear first in the list of downloads available followed by the individual messages. You can download this .zip file to a location on your computer and it contains all of the files associated with the product. Once downloaded go to the location where the file was downloaded to and unzip the file. To do this on a Windows computer right-click the folder and click "Extract All" and then follow the instructions.

    There are a small number of sets available only as .zip files. There is an alert on those products in the store.

    If you have attempted to download your files and continue to experience any problems, please contact us at (866) 907-3955.

  2. How long before I receive this month's resource for my donation?

    For items received for your donation, please allow four to six weeks.

  3. How long will it take to receive my product order?

    At Insight for Living Ministries, we make all attempts to get your product to you in the shortest amount of time but also in the most cost-effective manner

    Typically, your product will arrive in seven to ten business days (Monday through Friday) from the day your order has been shipped using standard shipping. (Because orders from the Insight for Living Web site are not processed until the next business day, please allow an extra day or two for orders to be shipped.)

  4. How will I know my order has been processed and shipped?

    When your order is ready for shipment, you will receive an e-mail notification (if we have your current e-mail address on file) stating what has been shipped and when and how it was shipped. We will provide you with a tracking number should one be assigned by the shipping company.

  5. How do I change my mailing address with Insight for Living Ministries?

    If you need to update your mailing address, please contact Listener Ministries at 1-800-772-8888 between 7:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m. central time.

  6. How may I receive the free offer mentioned on the radio?

    If you would like to receive the offer for those contacting the ministry for the first time, please call us at 1-800-772-8888.

  7. May I have a catalog?

    Regrettably, we do not offer a product catalog. Our inventory changes frequently and the cost of printing catalogs to keep up with those changes is significant. However, you may find an extensive listing of our products on our Web site at

  8. How can I access the Message Mates study notes you mentioned on the broadcast?

    Message Mates are available on our Web site as PDFs. To access this content for the current series, click Broadcast to go to the Beyond the Broadcast page. Then find the Message Mates tab under Additional Resources.

    To find the Message Mates for any other past series, go to

  9. May I have a written transcript of a message?

    While we are not able to offer transcripts, we currently have our messages available on CD or in MP3 format.

  10. Do you sell your messages? How may I purchase today's message?

    We currently have our messages on CD available for purchase. Sales tax is added to orders shipped to Texas. If you prefer, you can also purchase the message in MP3 format on our Web site. To locate either of these items in the online store, please go to and search for the message name. If you wish to place an order by phone or if you need further information concerning this and other available products, please call our toll-free customer service number, 1-800-523-6959, Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. central time.

  11. What’s the difference between an Insight for Living Ministries study guide, Bible Companion, and workbook?

    Study Guides

    Insight for Living Ministries study guides offer a review and summary of Chuck Swindoll’s message series. Succinct and practical, these guides may be used in personal devotions, group studies, or Sunday school classes. Each guide includes a “Living Insights” section with exercises that challenge the reader to think of specific ways to put into action personal discoveries about the subject being studied.

    Bible Companions and Workbooks

    Both our Bible Companions and workbooks offer a similar approach for digging deeper into God’s Word. With Chuck’s messages as the bases for lessons, these resources allow the reader to observe, interpret, and apply Scripture by means of thoughtful questions, insightful features, and recommended resources for probing further. Ideal for personal study or small-group settings, these books faithfully guide and challenge each reader toward a deeper walk with God.

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