Worldviews of the World Passport –by Insight for Living Ministries


What is my destiny? What is truth? How do others view God?

How would you answer these questions? Not sure? You're not alone. Many Christians would likely struggle to give clear answers to such probing questions. How does the world you live in influence your responses? There is a tool that will help you find out. The Worldviews of the World Passport is your guide to many of today's worldviews. You'll find it concise and easy to understand. It summarizes each worldview and gives real-life examples that will help you recognize the ways these worldviews influence our society. In addition, it contrasts these five crucial concepts to biblical theism and their impact on our daily lives: divinity, humanity, authority, morality, and destiny. This life-transforming resource will challenge you to develop and maintain a thoroughly Christian worldview.

28-page softcover book


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