When Life Isn't Fair: What They Didn't Tell Us in Sunday School


To love someone, or to be loved, through tough circumstances is a gift—an opportunity to experience the fragile beauty of those made in God's image. And it's a reminder that all people stand broken and dependent on God.

In When Life Isn't Fair: What They Didn't Tell Us in Sunday School, Colleen Swindoll Thompson weaves together biblical truth, practicality, and her own growth experiences as a mother of a son with special needs. She writes with raw honesty about her personal crisis of faith as well as the hardship and humor that come with learning to trust God through difficult times.

This resource will:

  • Inspire you through true stories that highlight God's sovereignty in challenging circumstances
  • Encourage you to persevere through illustrations plucked from everyday life
  • Help you to accept hardship and to trust God in spite of fear, doubt, or anger

112-page softcover book

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