When God's Gift Comes Specially Wrapped - BOOKLET

How easy to accept the truth of God’s sovereign design when we gaze upon a cooing newborn and see ten fingers, ten toes, two beautiful eyes and ears, and perfectly formed arms, legs, and face. But how strong is our theology when that little gift from heaven comes specially wrapped? What about when we see the heartrending sight of missing or contorted limbs and distorted features? What happens to our notions of sovereign design, dignity, purpose, and destiny when we see the telltale signs of Down syndrome, spina bifida, or cleft palate?

Pastor and teacher Charles R. Swindoll draws upon the teaching of Scripture and his own personal experience to discuss special-needs children and their place in God’s kingdom. His frank, practical approach will help you discover:

  • How the Lord sees disabled children
  • The relationship between sin and birth defects
  • How to engage people with disabilities
  • What special-needs children can teach us about God

Each encounter with a disabled or mentally challenged child becomes a crisis of principles because these children remind us that God looks at people from a very different perspective.

Is your perspective biblical?

34-page booklet

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