The Wise, the Unwise, and the Otherwise (Part Two) - CD

James 3:14–18

It is virtually impossible to separate truth from the one who teaches it to us. This fact alone assures us that the one who teaches ought to be exceedingly cautious with what one says and how one lives. That's why James began the third chapter with a warning—don't swell the ranks of teachers! The teacher lives with two things constantly under scrutiny—his or her lips and life. In James 3:1–12, he addressed himself to the former area —the tongue—and in 3:13–18, to the latter, which he developed under the subject of wisdom. The last message considered the kind of wisdom that is not from God. In this message we'll give thought to the wisdom that is from Him. This passage is applicable to all who are in God's family, not just those who teach.

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The Wise, the Unwise, and the Otherwise (Part Two)