The Way of Truth in a World of Fiction: Beyond The Da Vinci Code

Charles R. Swindoll

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Truth is strange enough, but when fiction pretends to be truth things really do become strange.

This was certainly true of the wildly popular book and movie, The Da Vinci Code, which spun a fascinating tale of lost scriptures, suppressed versions of Christianity, and conspiracies to cover up the “historical Jesus.” But the truth, unlike the fiction of the book and movie, is that the Jesus revealed in the Bible is the historical Jesus—the only author and perfecter of our faith.

CD or MP3 Series of 14 messages with 259-page Bible Companion

Messages in this series:

  1. A Dialogue: The Da Vinci Code vs. The Truth
  2. An Exposé of Counterfeit Communicators
  3. The Acts of the Apostates
  4. Why Bother to Battle?
  5. Get Your Act Together!
  6. One Library of Living Truth
  7. Be Sure of Your Source
  8. Jesus: His Existence before Creation
  9. Jesus: A Birth like None Other
  10. Jesus: His God-Man Lifestyle
  11. Jesus: A Lamb Led to Slaughter
  12. Jesus: Triumphant over the Grave
  13. Jesus: Ascended and Seated in Heaven
  14. Standing Alone When Outnumbered
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The Way of Truth in a World of Fiction: Beyond The Da Vinci Code

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The Way of Truth in a World of Fiction: Beyond The Da Vinci Code