The Little Red Book of Wisdom -by Mark DeMoss


Have you ever wondered if God has anything truly significant planned for you? The answer is yes! God wants YOU to be a part of something phenomenal. There's one key, and it's no secret: daily faithfulness to align your thoughts with God's—to think biblically in order to act biblically. Mark DeMoss' volume, The Little Red Book of Wisdom, will get you started in cultivating wise discernment!

Mark DeMoss has read one chapter in Proverbs every day for over 25 years. He's read the entire book over 300 times! In The Little Red Book of Wisdom, Mark is your guide to wise thinking from God's perspective. This encouraging treasure trove overflows with down-to-earth, biblical principles—filtered through the daily grids of advancing technology and our ever-changing culture.

Learn to have integrity, cherish your loved ones, listen well, avoid regrets, and choose generosity. The Little Red Book of Wisdom will challenge you to make your everyday choices make a real difference in your life and in the lives of others.

208-page softcover book

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