Strengthening Your Grip on Money - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

1 Timothy 6:3–19

As we consider strengthening our grip on various things in this life, we certainly cannot overlook the issue of money. It can be difficult to bring up the subject of money. People get tense and clutch their wallets a little tighter. When the words tithing and stewardship come from the lips of a pastor, many people run. And we have the prosperity gospel preachers to thank for that. These false teachers have broken trust between the people and the pulpit. They teach that God’s blessings can be bought for the right price, and that God’s highest blessing on His people is monetary.

But in reality, God’s blessings are not for sale. He showers His gracious gifts—monetary and otherwise—on whomever He pleases. In fact, Paul wrote about this subject in the last chapter of his first letter to Timothy, explaining that God expects contentment and stewardship from His children. The Lord calls Christians to manage His gifts in order to accomplish His purposes and bring Him glory.

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Strengthening Your Grip on Money