Simple Faith: The Sermon on the Mount—A Study of Matthew 5–7 - A Classic Series - CDSERIES

Charles R. Swindoll

Purchased MP3 series can be downloaded as a single .zip file that includes all the MP3 messages from the series or separately as individual MP3 files.

Real Christianity. Where is it? What is it? What does it look like? Surprisingly, a great many Christians are wondering that these days—especially those who once based their faith on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ but who have since become trapped in the rat race of performance-based faith . . . caged by the self-imposed demands of works and more works.

Simple Faith isn’t about adding more religious demands to an already complicated existence. It’s about gaining freedom from tyrannical expectations and rediscovering the beauty of what Christ really taught. It’s about getting out of the cage and winging your way back to freedom, peace, and rest in Jesus Christ. It’s about discovering the heart of Jesus’s teachings and His life. Simple Faith recounts the real message of the Sermon on the Mount—what it means to live an authentic, uncomplicated life. In short, it is a call to simple faith.

CD or MP3 series of 14 messages plus bonus audio message (Bonus material includes a conversation between Chuck Swindoll and Ney Bailey, facilitated by Mary Graham, where they explore the benefits of living a life of faith.) The MP3 version includes a 176-page downloadable Bible Companion.

Messages in this series:

  1. Let’s Keep It Simple
  2. The Qualities of Simple Faith
  3. A Simple Counterstrategy: Shake and Shine
  4. Simplicity Starts from Within
  5. Simple Instructions on Serious Issues
  6. Simple Advice to the Selfish and Strong-Willed
  7. Beware! Religious Performance Now Showing
  8. Prayer and Fasting Minus All the Pizzazz
  9. When Simple Faith Erodes
  10. The Subtle Enemy of Simple Faith
  11. If You're Serious About Simple Faith, Stop This!
  12. The Most Powerful of All Four-letter Words
  13. Simple yet Serious Warnings for Complicated Times
  14. The Simple Secret of an Unsinkable Life

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