Religions of the World Passport

Insight for Living Ministries


More than 500 years after Christopher Columbus sailed across a round world, advances in technology have succeeded in making it flat. As unbelievable as it sounds, people and ideas that once were a world away are now a part of our daily lives. Now that the mission field has moved into our backyard, we as believers have the opportunity and the responsibility to be missionaries who build bridges across cultural divides.

The Religions of the World Passport not only provides you with the historical and theological backgrounds of seven major religions, but it also teaches you the most effective ways to share your faith with each of them.

This passport-sized guide will help equip you to share your Christian faith with someone who is Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, a Jehovah's Witness, Jewish, Mormon, or a Scientologist. In addition, you will find a list of recommended resources for further study. Whether it's at school, at work, in your neighborhood, or even within your own family, with the Religions of the World Passport, you will now be prepared to ask the right questions and give the right answers.

18-page softcover book

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