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Charles R. Swindoll

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Romans 12:6–21

Enthusiasm! Every church should overflow with enthusiasm as it fulfills Christ’s mission. Chuck Swindoll certainly is enthusiastic about the church, and in this two-part series, he lights a torch and sets our hearts ablaze with an eagerness to truly love one another.

The first message explores the central question, “What do we do as members of Christ’s church?” The answer: use our gifts. The second message addresses the “how” question. How are we to carry out our gifts? By living in harmony despite our differences.

Don’t let your church involvement sink into a lifeless, predictable, and passionless routine. And don’t settle for a mentality of divisiveness between groups. Instead, grasp the exciting vision of the church as Christ intended! No other institution on earth is as appealing and inspiring as a church where members express their God-given gifts and open their hearts with Christ’s love.

Let Chuck’s enthusiasm for the church spark a fire in you!

CD or MP3 Set of 2 messages

Messages in this set:

  1. Let’s Think about Our Church (1:01:12)
  2. Looking Deeper into Our Church (1:08:23)
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Loving One Another