Knowing God: Life's Major Pursuit - CD

Isaiah 6:1–5; Jeremiah 9:23–24; Daniel 4:33–35

The Puritans spoke of “following hard after God” and “setting our face like a flint toward God.” Strange-sounding phrases in today’s fast-paced world! But these words need to be remembered, especially in our generation. There has never been a time in our world’s history when more people are in hot pursuit of more things, more objects, more success. Yet, even when those goals are realized, there is still an ache of heart, an empty void. Why? Because the acquisition of more stuff was never meant to be our life’s major pursuit. These earth-bound pursuits cannot satisfy. Then what can? What, specifically, is life’s most significant and satisfying pursuit? We turn again to Scripture for our answer . . . may we never forget it.

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Growing Deep in the Christian Life Returning to Our Roots

Knowing God: Life's Major Pursuit