Judges: Recycled Misery - CD

A Survey of Judges

It's rough for a nation to pull itself out of the swamp of political scandal and public distrust . . . but to do so several times in a row is unheard of. Or is it? If your nation had a hard time recovering from its latest bout with scandal, consider the nation of Israel after entering the land of Canaan under Joshua's leadership. Although clearly and forcefully instructed to drive out the godless inhabitants who still remained in the land, the Hebrews compromised and dragged their feet, ultimately ignoring God's direct command. This initiated a cycle that was, in fact, repeated several times during the years recorded in the book. God heard their cry for deliverance and graciously sent a deliverer (a “judge”). Once victory came, the judge died. After the judge's death, the nation again compromised and fell under the rule of godless people . . . resulting in another cry for deliverance. A study of the book of Judges reveals the struggle people have today with the sinful nature.

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Judges: Recycled Misery