Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet - CD Series

Charles R. Swindoll

What comes to mind when you think of the story of Jonah?

Most imagine a big whale swallowing a wayward prophet, but there’s so much more. Jonah single-handedly ignited the greatest revival in history with what may be the shortest sermon in history . . . and then he pouted about it!

Hatred had blurred Jonah’s vision of his enemies so that he couldn’t see them as God saw them. He knew God’s words, but he didn’t know God’s heart.

In this nine-part series, Chuck Swindoll will shine a light on Jonah’s prejudices, teaching life-changing lessons about God’s compassion for all people. From Jonah, we learn that to see the world as God sees it, we need more than good eyesight. We need divine heart-sight.

CD Series of 9 messages

Messages in this series:

  1. Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet
  2. Resistance of a Racist Rebel
  3. Prayers Onboard—Prophet Overboard
  4. Finally . . . Jonah Connects the Dots
  5. God of the Second Chance
  6. Proclamation, Transformation, Compassion
  7. The Grumblings of an Angry Prophet
  8. Ticked Off to the Bitter End
  9. Lessons Learned from a Stubborn Preacher
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