Issues and Answers in Jesus's Day - CDSERIES

Charles R. Swindoll

Can you answer Jesus’s questions? Will you?

Each lesson in Chuck Swindoll’s study stems from a penetrating question Jesus asked. Jesus’s questions challenged listeners to become learners by forcing them to think. Through these questions, Chuck explores the hard issues we face today and applies the practical answers Jesus offered.

CD Series of 18 CDs with 168-page softcover study guide

Messages in this series:

  1. Who Do People Say the Son of Man Is?
  2. What Then Shall I Do with Jesus?
  3. Why Do You Seek the Living One Among the Dead?
  4. Did No One Condemn You?
  5. Who Is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?
  6. Why Are You So Timid?
  7. What Is Your Name?
  8. What Do You See?
  9. What Do I Have to Do with You?
  10. Why Are You Reasoning in Your Hearts?
  11. What Is That to You?
  12. Are You the Teacher . . . and Do Not Understand?
  13. The Cup Which the Father Has Given . . . Shall I Not Drink It?
  14. How Long Has This Been Happening?
  15. Do You Know What I Have Done?
  16. Shall Not God Bring About Justice?
  17. Why Do You Stand Looking into the Sky?
  18. Sharing the Meaning of Life

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Issues and Answers in Jesus's Day