Hope Beyond Bitterness: When Life 'Just Ain’t Fair' - CD

1 Peter 3:13–17

Being creatures of equity, we like things to be fair. In theory, we have little patience with preferential treatment or unjust reactions. Sides are to be balanced. Right should lead to pleasant rewards and wrong to painful consequences. We should take turns. The “little guy” deserves a break. Bullies ought not be allowed to push around others. Those who work hard and commit themselves to a job well done deserve more than those who are lazy and take advantage of the boss. If one gets a break today, another should have the same break tomorrow. “It’s only fair,” we say. That’s fine . . . so long as life cooperates with that game plan. The problem is, however, that fair play doesn’t always prevail. Right isn’t always rewarded, and wrong isn’t always punished. On the contrary, many times those who are unethical, dishonest, and cruel seem to come out as winners. These few verses from Peter’s pen will help us endure such times of inequity.

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Hope Beyond Bitterness: When Life 'Just Ain’t Fair'