Holiday Messages 2009 - MP3SET

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Have you ever received a Christmas gift that you didn’t really want? Ever made a New Year’s resolution that didn’t stick? Who hasn’t, right?

Christmas and New Year’s Day stand as some of the most special and challenging times of the year. Not only do many have the opportunity to gather with family and friends, but these holidays are also a time when we reflect on what’s most important in our lives and resolve to live better in the year to come.

Whether addressing the subject of giving gifts of guaranteed value this Christmas or making predictions about what the New Year will bring for all of us, this series of four messages by Chuck Swindoll will lead you to consider significant questions and will help you approach this special season with a prayerful and God-honoring spirit rooted in the truth of God’s Word.

MP3 Series of 4 messages

Messages in this series:

  1. A Reflective Glance at the Familiar
  2. Seven Gifts Worth Giving
  3. A Timely Reminder Worth Pondering
  4. Five Predictions Worth Remembering

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