Handling the Scriptures Accurately - CD

Nehemiah 8:1–6, 8–18; Matthew 15:1–14; 16:5–12

“You can prove anything you wish from the Bible!” Have you ever heard someone say that? Probably so. For the most part, it is true. If a person really wants to find biblical “justification” for some belief or activity and is willing to use half-verses, take passages out of context, and twist the meaning of various terms, then he or she can “prove” just about anything from Scripture. Because of this, we need to develop good habits and cultivate correct methods of handling the Word of God. There are a few rules to remember, certain techniques to employ, and several practical principles to keep in mind if we wish to interpret Scripture accurately.

Individual message on CD or MP3 (45:22)

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Handling the Scriptures Accurately