God's Masterwork, Volume One: Beginnings—A Survey of Genesis–Deuteronomy - Classic Series - CD Series

Charles R. Swindoll

God begins a relationship with His chosen people . . . and had you in mind.

From God as close Companion to Lawgiver, from creation to the fall of humanity into sin, from the heights of Joseph’s Egyptian years to the unhappy slavery of Israel, this sermon series offers an overview of the biblical books from Genesis to Deuteronomy.

CD Series of 6 messages

Messages in this series:

  1. A Symphony for the Soul
  2. Genesis: Where It All Begins
  3. Exodus: Story of Miraculous Freedom
  4. Leviticus: God’s Picture Book on Worship
  5. Numbers: A Tragic Pilgrimage
  6. Deuteronomy: Remember! Remember!
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God’s Masterwork Volume One: Beginnings—A Survey of Genesis–Deuteronomy

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God's Masterwork, Vol. 1: Genesis–Deuteronomy