Exalting Christ . . . The Lamb of God: A Study of John 15-21—A Signature Series - CDSERIES

Charles R. Swindoll

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As the curtain on the final act of our Lord’s last days on earth, all eyes were on the Lamb of God—watching as He reacted to His illegal trials, mockery, immense suffering, and crucifixion. And all ears were tuned in to His tender voice as He lovingly prepared His closest followers for the tumultuous time to come.

Join Chuck Swindoll as he walks us through this harrowing period of the life of Christ, which ushered Him towards His final victory over death. With each message in this penetrating series, you’ll grow deeper in your devotion to the exalted Savior who bore your sin and accomplished your salvation through His death on the Cross.

CD or MP3 Series of 16 messages

Messages in this series:

  1. Abiding (54:38)
  2. Qualities of a Friend (52:03)
  3. The Promise of Persecution (52:08)
  4. Functions of the Holy Spirit (55:47)
  5. Four Words That Keep Us Going (50:54)
  6. Divine Intercession (54:16)
  7. When Jesus Prayed for You (55:10)
  8. Arrest and Trial (57:28)
  9. Rush to Judgment (43:23)
  10. A Crack in the Rock (57:32)
  11. Death on a Cross (52:10)
  12. A Miraculous Resurrection (49:11)
  13. Reactions to the Resurrected Lord (56:46)
  14. Coming to Terms with Your Calling (55:40)
  15. “. . . And What about This Man?” (51:15)
  16. Many Other Signs . . . Many Other Things (54:28)
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Exalting Christ The Lamb of God, A Study of John 15-21, Jesus

Exalting Christ . . . The Lamb of God: A Study of John 15-21—A Signatu