Epochal Events Nobody Expected

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Have you ever faced a trial that was so surprising, unprecedented, and intense that you had no idea how God would take you through . . . but He did? Such severe trials don’t happen every day, thankfully. But they are exceedingly significant, epochal, we might say, because they reveal God’s power in ways we otherwise would not have seen.

In this series, Chuck Swindoll examines epochal events in the lives of Abraham, Joseph, David, and Elijah. Each event included an extreme test that stretched the person’s faith and then culminated in an epochal moment—a saving act of God designed to inspire us to trust Him during our own seemingly impossible circumstances.

When God brings an epochal event to your life, get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Series of 4 messages

Messages in this series:

  1. An Aging Father and His Son Listen Now
  2. An Abused Man and His Brothers Listen Now
  3. A Brave Teenager and a Giant Listen Now
  4. A Sad Prophet and a Bad Queen Listen Now
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Epochal Events Nobody Expected