Counseling Insights/Counseling Insights: Full Set

Counseling Insights: Full Set

Insight for Living Ministries

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Life Is a Battle!

Pain and loss leave people wounded and searching. If you have the privilege of counseling others as they seek restoration, you need Counseling Insights! This resource provides biblical counseling principles on struggles many people face in their homes and churches, as well as in their personal and emotional lives. You’ll experience joy as God works through you!

Divided by sections—Marriage, Family, Christian Life, Personal Issues, and Emotional Issues—Counseling Insights will equip you to be a conduit of healing. In each section, you’ll find topical chapters containing:

  1. A case study
  2. Sample questions to consider as you learn about the counselee
  3. A biblical assessment of the specific problem
  4. Relevant Scripture
  5. Practical ideas to help the counselee through the correction, healing, and restoration process in an easy to follow and understand format

downloadable document with 50 chapters

(Note: Chapters or sections may also be purchased individually.)

Counseling Insights sections included:

  1. Counseling Insights: Marriage
  2. Counseling Insights: Family
  3. Counseling Insights: Christian Life
  4. Counseling Insights: Personal Issues
  5. Counseling Insights: Emotional Issues

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