Answers for the World's Tough Questions Passport

Insight for Living Ministries

How would you answer the following questions?

Is Jesus the only way to heaven?
Why does a loving and powerful God allow evil?
Is the Bible really God's Word?
Is hell a real place?

Do you have answers? Would you be able to communicate your beliefs clearly, creatively, and with grace?

At Insight for Living, our goal is to equip you to share with others the truth of God's Word. To help, we've created a unique resource designed to help you reach both unbelievers and doubting Christians who may be wrestling with serious questions about the Christian faith. The third volume in our Passport Series, Answers for the World's Tough Questions, is a quick-reference guide for some of the nagging questions and criticisms concerning Christianity. This resource draws on both reason and biblical revelation to help you think through your responses. We introduce you to the question, give some basic guidelines for addressing it, and then share a handful of answers to put things in perspective. The Answers for the World's Tough Questions Passport will prove to be an invaluable tool as you prepare to share God's truth about these difficult questions.

22-page booklet

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