Angels, Satan, and Demons: Invisible Beings That Inhabit the Spiritual World –by Robert Lightner

Nothing in modern-day spiritualism is really modern. Satan has long been alive and well, influencing humanity since the garden of Eden. Why did God warn His people not to dabble in the evil realm of the spiritual world? Those warnings make more sense when Dr. Lightner, distinguished professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, holds them against the backdrop of the Bible's broad picture of Satan's evil forces aligned against everything God stands for. Balance that with the truth about God's heavenly forces at work through His multitudes of holy angels who are at this moment carrying out God's purposes both in heaven and in our world today. The battle is the Lord's—always has been; always will be.

Get informed about the angelic world happening all around you and be strengthened by the truth.

212-page softcover book

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