Worthy Is the Lamb

By Charles R. Swindoll


Revelation 5:1–14

Once ushered into the third heaven, the writer John is virtually blown away by what he sees and hears. What’s more, the longer he looks and listens, the more magnificent the scene becomes. Directed to record what he witnesses, the man must surely have struggled to find the precise words to describe the ever-enlarging scene. As we will learn, a scroll held secure by seven seals attracts his immediate attention, then the Lamb emerges, and finally the voices of the redeemed and the angels along with “every created thing . . . in heaven . . . on earth and under the earth . . . on the sea and all things in them” blend their voices together in a glorious symphony of praise and worship of the Lamb—the only One who is worthy to break open the seven seals of judgment upon the earth.

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