The Curtain Rises, the Drama Begins

By Charles R. Swindoll


Revelation 1:9–20

The prelude to this apocalyptic symphony has ended. Thanks to that majestic overture (1:1-8), the stage has been set for the first of many visions. The writer, John, who finds himself on a tiny island in the south Aegean Sea, will soon be transported to scenes that will stretch his (and our) imagination as he records visions that will cause him (and us) to bow often in fear and occasionally in worship. Appropriately, the initial vision is of none other than the glorified Jesus Christ. What an overwhelming moment to stand before the awesome Lord, shining like the sun! We're not surprised that John fell down in respectful terror, until he heard the divine reassurance not to be afraid. And with that, John listens as Jesus speaks.

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