Unsearchable, Unfathomable, and Unmatched!

By Charles R. Swindoll


Romans 11:30–36

After making clear that God has not forgotten the Jews, Romans 11 goes on to show that the discipline the Jews are now experiencing will be only temporary, that the Gentiles are now enjoying the blessings of salvation, and that the Lord, even now, is working in the hearts of both Jews and Gentiles. It’s this final point that caused Paul to burst forth into a brief but passionate discourse on God’s magnificent wisdom, knowledge, judgment, and ways. Therefore, Romans 11:33-36 comprises one of the most exuberant doxologies in all the New Testament. The three previous verses (11:30-32) prepare us for this marvelous statement of praise, and all seven of these closing verses are worthy of great concentration and attention.

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