The Good News for the Whole World

By Charles R. Swindoll


Romans 1:14–17

Thanks to newscasts that flood the media, all of us are accustomed to bad news. We witness it every day of our lives. If it’s news from abroad, it invariably includes reports of death and tragedy. If it’s about life at home, we can count on one story after another to trouble our minds. Not even the weather report makes us smile! Maybe this is why many of us find such delight in reading the Bible. While it doesn’t skip past life’s dark side or ignore painful realities, the Word of God offers hope beyond all this . . . reasons to go on in spite of disappointments and disease, headaches and heartaches, suffering, shame, and sin. Why? Because at the core of the message, when everything in life seems sad and bad, there is always the good news. And as we’ll learn in this message—it’s good news not for just a few special, select individuals but for the whole world.

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