If You’re Free, Why Not Live Like It?

By Charles R. Swindoll


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Romans 6:1–15

Many Christians are just beginning to get a grasp of grace. Because it is so liberating, some still think it’s too good to be true. It’s not! But to capitalize on the benefits of living in the freedom of grace rather than in the narrow and restrictive confines of the law or sin’s domination, we must break some old habits. We must retrain ourselves to operate our lives as victors instead of victims (Romans 6), a perspective that is seldom emphasized by Christians today.

Having been emancipated from slavery to our old master (sin), we’re to live like free men and women. Most believers have no trouble believing that Christ’s death has delivered us from sin’s penalty and guilt, but when it comes to sin’s authority over us . . . well, things get a little fuzzy. Tragically, many in God’s liberated family live like they’re still enslaved to their old master. And so, we need to answer two questions: Can we really live above sin’s dominion? And has sin truly lost its authority over us? Grace shouts, “YES!”

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