Uzziah: The Leader Who Became a Loser

By Charles R. Swindoll


2 Chronicles 26:1–21

“May God help you if you ever do that again!” Did your father or mother ever say that to you when you were a child? If so, then you know something of the fear that comes from doing something inappropriate. The problem is, as we become adults, we lose that healthy fear of violating someone’s trust. This is especially true if we are prideful.

The ancient story of a king who believed his own press releases is instructive for all who are engaged in one form of ministry or another. Uzziah received the blessings of God, causing Uzziah’s fame and power to spread. But in one foolish act of arrogance, the proud king was humbled and learned the lesson that God will not share His glory with anyone. Uzziah enrolled in an expensive school to learn this lesson. Our education can come much cheaper if we take to heart Uzziah’s downfall.

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