Gehazi: The Servant Who Got Greedy

By Charles R. Swindoll


2 Kings 5:15–27

We have looked at the story of Naaman who was cleansed of leprosy. It was a wonderful, miraculous story of God’s power and grace at work through Elisha in the life of a man who knew nothing of the Lord’s presence. This story comes on the heels of that one. Actually, it is a sequel to that account . . . the flip side of God’s working in that man’s life. As we shall see, deep in the heart of Elisha’s helper, Gehazi, were smoldering embers of greed. Silently, secretively they remained hidden. No one could tell by looking. Through a series of events, those embers burst into full flame. As we recount the story, we want to take sufficient time to examine our own hearts and determine if we suffer from a similar malady.

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